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Conceived by John Reeves and his son, Matthew, J & M Reeves Christmas Greens is truly a family affair. Throughout the year, and particularly during the all-important harvesting season, children and grandchildren, partners and friends all pitch in. We also rely on a staff of highly skilled, and experienced field workers to make every season a successful one.


Destined for homes around Nova Scotia, and beyond, these Christmas trees are the eco-friendly choice.


We pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality control standards in the business. Unlike most of our competitors, the majority of our trees are graded and flagged on the stump prior to the beginning of the harvesting season. This gives us an accurate account of how many of each grade of tree we have available to our clients when processing orders. All trees not graded prior to harvest are graded upon arrival in our yard and are held to the same high quality standards. If it doesn’t meet our approval, it will never see your lot.

Growing, baling and shipping Christmas trees for generations.


Loading a tractor trailer with baled Christams trees. Destined for export.