Here at J & M Reeves Christmas Greens, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality control standards in the business. Unlike most of our competitors, the majority of our trees are graded and flagged on the stump prior to the beginning of the harvesting season. This gives us an accurate account of how many of each grade of tree we have available to our clients when processing orders. All trees not graded prior to harvest are graded upon arrival in our yard and are held to the same high quality standards. If it doesn’t meet our approval, it will never see your lot.

The Grades

Heavy Density Single Sheared “
PREMIUM” - Sold in 2 foot height increments beginning from 4’ - 6’ all the way up to 12’ - 14’, these trees are the best of the best. Positioned to please the most discerning of consumers, the PREMIUM is a heavy density, heavily needled and beautifully shaped tree. It is the tree that draws in customers and keeps them coming back year after year. The PREMIUM is also available in heights up to 26’ by special order.

Medium Density Single Sheared “
GRADE 1” - Sold in 2 foot height increments beginning from 4’ - 6’ up to 8’ - 10’, this is a medium density tree designed to fill the bill of quality on a budget. Crisp, healthy and beautifully shaped, the GRADE 1 adds dimension and value to your tree lot.

Light Density Single Sheared “
GRADE 2” - Sold in 2 foot height increments beginning from 4’ - 6’ up to 8’ - 10’, this light density tree is the perfect fit for someone seeking the more fresh and natural look. For the customer who desires the type of tree they had at Christmas as a kid, the GRADE 2 is the tree for them.

- Sold in 1 foot increments in bales of 2 to 8 trees dependent on height, this light density product is a wonderful addition to your tree lot. Offering that distinctive balsam fir look and scent, yet affordable for everyone, this quality product is a fabulous way to broaden your customer base with BALED TREES.

Sold in bundles of 10 and including an aspen tree stand, these delightful 2’ - 3’ trees allow those with the smallest of spaces to enjoy the scent and beauty of a balsam fir Christmas. If apartment living is a way of life in your area, the TABLE TREE is a must have for your lot.

*Tree heights include an 8” butt allowance. Please contact us for complete product / price list.