John Reeves, President
John has been inhabiting the forests of Lunenburg County since boyhood. With a lifetime of experience in the Christmas tree industry, his knowledge and work ethic are the backbone of the business. He works tirelessly throughout the year doing everything from pruning and harvesting to sales and marketing. Small and large orders alike, John’s dedication to customer service is unmatched.

Matthew Reeves, Treasurer
Matthew is passionate and meticulous about his work, whether it’s with a tractor or a laptop. He is committed to producing quality trees at competitive prices. With a background in agricultural studies and finance, Matthew is the driving force behind the growth and success of J & M Reeves Christmas Greens.

Jeanette Reeves, Secretary
Jeanette brings to the table a background in office administration and being a professional mom. She is the organizational whirlwind of the group, whether it’s arranging a hot lunch for the crew on a long day of harvesting or dotting every i and crossing every t on a shipping document.

Jenny Reeves, Field Manager
Jenny is the one out on our lots at harvest time ensuring your orders are filled correctly and shipped on time. Whether it’s putting your orders together, searching the countryside for the perfect 25’ tree, or working on our website, she is an on the ground problem solver no matter what the issue.

Michael Reeves, Operations Specialist
Michael is the go to man for year round care and harvesting of our lots. An artist with a chainsaw, Michael’s eye is unmatched in determining those trees that are ready for market and those that need a bit more time and care. His skill at packing trailers for shipping is also invaluable, ensuring the safe arrival of your cargo.